Control and Automation activities have a long history at the Electrical Engineering Department (ENE) of the University of Brasília (UnB). In the recent past GICA and GRAV, as research groups, and LCVC, LAVSI and LARA, as labs, were significant landmarks. In 2010 all research activities in the Control and Automation field at ENE/UnB were joined under the name of Automation and Robotics Laboratory (LARA, the brazilian portuguese acronym). It aims to be a research laboratory with advanced research on automation, robotics and applied process control. Funding is provided by national public agencies, such as CNPq, CAPES, FAP-DF and FINEP, as well as by private companies.

Currently, the research under development at LARA follows as below:

  • Control, identification and filtering: theoretical studies on control systems design, system identification, stochastic filtering and hybrid dynamical systems, with applications on aerospace systems and robotics
  • Ambient intelligence: applied research for building intelligent building systems using state of the art automation and control techniques
  • Process automation: applied developments for process control in any area of interest
  • Robotics: theoretical and applied research in aerial, legged, medical and mobile robotics